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lisa gardner



My name is Jaxon and I want to tell you about my friend Lisa. She is the best dogsitter in Pittsburgh. My dog parents work long hours every day and they love me so much they found a wonderful person to take care of me. Lisa is my best friend she comes every day at the same time to take me for walks and play with me. She knows my favorite toys and where my treats are. I

love her. If you love your dog you should call her.

She makes me happy. :-)

Jaxon................Point Breeze

I could not have imagined a better resolution to meeting my dog’s needs through her aging years. Lisa is always there when we need her and Millie and I trust her implicitly. Lisa provides Millie a better quality of life and me, peace of mind. She is a blessing for Millie and Me.


The most important testimonial comes from our pets: our two dogs and cat all love Lisa and are delighted every time they get to see her. My husband and I share their confidence in Lisa. We've hired her for pet care for both long trips (over a week) as well as one- or two-day assists and have found her to be helpfully flexible and always reliable.

Pam & Troy.....Regent Square

"Lisa has been an amazing resource. She helps care for our dogs during afternoon walks and watches our cats while we are away. It is always a relief to know we have someone reliable who we trust."

Andrew & Cara.....Regent Square 

My dogs love Lisa! Lisa has been our dogwalker for almost a year and has stayed overnight several times when we were out of town. She's able to see that the dogs get exercise rain or shine, and they get excited when they see her coming. Lisa is honest, trustworthy, and no-nonsense! She's the best!

Barb....... Regent Square

Lisa has been working with my dog for over a year now. She’s 100% reliable, takes Barney out every afternoon, provides me with daily updates and, most importantly, he absolutely loves her. I don’t know what I’d do without her . . . she’s part of our family!


If you are looking for reliable, reasonable and trustworthy pet sitting services, Bow-Wow, Meow is for you! Lisa will take care of your pet as if it were her own!


Lisa has watched my Cat Doolin on many occasions in the last year. She came in, fed him, cleaned his litter box and played with him for a short time. She also sent me a picture via text so I would know that he was OK and doing fine. I can’t tell you how much that meant for Lisa to send me a picture of him playing, knowing he was doing well while I was away. Lisa loves animals and its very apparent when she’s taking care of your pet. She also bought Doolin a laundry basket which he plays in all the time. I will continue to use Lisa in the future and I suggest you do the same if you want someone to love and take care of your pet as you do.

Lesley......... Edgewood

I've known Lisa since she started to take care of Barney, whose Mom is a close friend of mine and also wrote a testimonial. Lisa takes care of my Madison when I'm not going to be home right away. She sends me texts and lets me know that Madison ate and she also stays and plays with her. Lisa is a responsible, warm caring person and treats our pets as if they were her own. We are a close knit bunch on our street and Lisa tends to a lot of my neighbors animals even when they go out of town. We all love and trust her. Our pets are our children and have become Lisa's children too. You will be pleased to have Lisa taking care of your pets.


Lisa has been walking my dog,Smiley,for 4 months. In that time,she has shown her love for animals,dogs in particular. My dog is crazy about her! Smiley appears to be very happy when she returns from her "Lisa adventure". Lisa is always on time,always shows up no matter what the weather conditions. She has demonstrated her reliability. I would highly recommend her as someone who is accomplished in her chosen profession.